ODI's Policies

Orthotic Devices Inc. is honoured to be your partner in the development of great footcare. The following policies will enable us to continue our unsurpassed level of service:
  • The cost of shipping is divided between the prescriber and the lab
  • All pick-up orders must be called in before 12.00 noon
  • Casts are stored for a period of six months of date of reciept at the lab
  • A courtesy pair is offered to every prescriber (this offer does not include graphite or EVA moulds)
  • Rush orders may be processed within 3 working days from the date of receipt. An extra charge will be applied
  • Volume discounts are available upon request
  • Payment: Visa, Mastercard, Cheque and C.O.D.
Warranty on Orthotics
Lifetime warranty on plastic shells.
Six months warranty on breakdown or delamination of the original top cover-Shipping extra
Minimal charge on any additions or modifications that are added or done to the original prescription order after manufacturing-shipping extra.
If an orthotic does fit the patient correctly for any reason,and a new pair has to be made,then the lab request that the original pair MUST be sent back to the lab.
Warranty on Orthotic Footwear
A 30 day NO service charge will be applied to change the style,colour or size of the shoe providing that the shoe has not been worn., or scuffed.a re-stocking charge will be applied thereafter.
Any shoes that have been worn will not be refunded or exchanged.
Six months warranty on breakdown or delamination of the original top cover of the orthotic.
Minimal charge for replacement or change of top cover after warranty period.
A 90 day NO service charge for adjustments, based on original orders. A clearly written note should be sent out with any orthotic indicating modifications to be done.