Plaster Manufacturing

Step 1
Negative impression obtained whilst the foot is held in a neutral position.

Step 2
Liquid plaster of paris is poured into negative impression to obtain a positive mould.

Step 3
Once the metatarsal bones are located,a slight amount of plaster is added along the medial and lateral aspect of the foot for soft tissue expansion.

Step 4
Depending on the patients weight,medical condition and application different thicknesses of plastic are heated and then vacuum formed around the positive casts.

Step 5
Plastic shell moulded around a patients foot.

Step 6
The excess plastic is ground off,shaping the shell to fit into a desired footwear.

Step 7
A plastic shell that has been ground to a positive mould.

Step 8
Glueing of the desired top covers.

Step 9
Trimming and finishing of the top covers on a finishing grinder.

Step 10
A sample of finished orthotics.