ODI's Accreditation

Orthotic Devices Incorporated is accredited by the Prescription Foot Orthotic Laboratory Association. This Assocation is a non-profit professional Association dedicated to promoting and improving the efficacy of custom, prescription foot orthoses to the medical professions, the public, and to third-party providers of medical coverage. Originally founded with 15 laboratories from across the United States, the association has grown to 48 member laboratories, from the United States, Canada, England, Australia and Hong Kong.

Accredited facilities are required to complete and pass two components to qualify for accreditation. The first component is a technical component, which evaluates the expertise of the facility in filling standard foot orthotic prescriptions. The second component looks at the quality systems in place at the given facility, through the development of a quality assurance document. This document must address specific issues raised by the B.A.P.F.O.L. Quality Document. Both components are administered through a coded, juried process, to maintain objectivity in the results.
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